PSI Engineering complete engineering services provider for mid scale and large industrial projects. PSI Engineering holds 1st category engineering license.

PSI Energy and Control is providing complete solution services related to procurement, assembly, supply and comissioing of power distribution equipment, control panels and substations. Company also provides plant automation services, including development and implementation of SCADA.

PSI Stroy Industria is a general contractor company holding 1st category construction license. Works perfomed by PSI Stroy Industriya include: Construction of Aktogay 25 000 ton/year SX/EW plant (Kazminerals), Semizbay Uranium mine reconstruction and scale up project, construction projects for Katco (Areva), Inkay (Cameco) uranium mines, Energy infrastructure projects for Vicat Cement, 36km DN800, DN450 water supply project for Kazminerals, Sulfuric Acid Storage and reagent dosing facility for KazChrome New Ferroalloy Plant (ENRC), 1500 man permanent camp and camp infrastructure (Kazminerals), 1400 ha pivot irrigation project for Amiran dairy farm.

MPJV is a Mongolian registered joint venture company, equally owned by Gobi Capital Management LLC (Mongolia) and PSI Group (Kazakhstan). The joint venture creates a combined company with an unmatched engineering capacity and capability and introduced Mongolia's first resource transferability platform for qualified workforce, equipment and knowledge-sharing across Euro-Asia from project to project.

5, Al-Faraby ave., Almaty,
BC Nurly-Tau, block 1A/202