MPJV is a Mongolian registered joint venture company, equally owned by Gobi Capital Management LLC (Mongolia) and PSI Group (Kazakhstan).

The joint venture creates a combined company with an unmatched engineering capacity and capability and introduced Mongolia's first resource transferability platform for qualified workforce, equipment and knowledge-sharing across Euro-Asia from project to project.

MPJV stands to benefit from its parent company's strategic long-term partnerships with reputable and dedicated local and international companies, including Bilig, Sika, ABB, Siemens, Schneider electric, RSV and Master Drilling.

Mongolian Projects Joint Venture LLC (MPJV) was established to become a pioneer and a leader in providing full engineering solutions, including procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance and project management services in Mongolia. The primary objective of the company is to develop, execute and manage capital projects in a responsible manner through operational and safety excellence underpinned by schedule and costs certainty. We are committed to a culture of partnership and the highest standards of safety, transparency, accountability, integrity, ethical behavior and quality.

MPJV is headquartered Ulaanbaatar and is led by a team of industry leading executives managers and employees (200+ engineers and 1,600+ highly qualified staff in various disciplines) who are dedicated, capable, experienced and client-focused. Each one of these seasoned professionals brings knowledge, skill and proven performance along with a passion for engineering and innovation to the organization.

5, Al-Faraby ave., Almaty,
BC Nurly-Tau, block 1A/202