«PSI Group» has its own large-scale production of steel structures - Plant «PFG StahlTec», capacity of 18 000 tons of steel structures per year. «PFG StahlTec» is located in the Almaty region, in north-western border of the Almaty city.

The area of ​​the first stage of plant construction is 18 800 m2, which includes the following:

  • 12 700 m2 – Production Shop with capacity up to 1
  • 2000 m2  - Paint Shop;
  • 800 m2 - Training Centre, which organized jointly with company ESAB for the training of highly skilled workers;
  • 3500 m2 - Administrative building for the plant management and engineering team;
  • 2000 m2 - Covered storage area.

Construction work of workshop for fabrication of structural steel is completed. The area of the workshop is 12 700m² (72x177m).

Technology of processing steel profiles (up to 20 000 tons of steel per year) of company Kaltenbach (Germany): shot blasting, linear measuring; drilling of holes and milling, marking of workpieces and docking places of fittings for welding in three axes; cutting of workpiece’s ends at an angle 90 °to ± 30 °.

CNC technology of processing steel plates of company FICEP (Italy): drilling, milling, marking, plasma and oxygen cutting.

Hydraulic plate shears HNC 6100x10 «Baykal» (Turkey) for cutting plates with thickness up to 10 mm and cutting length up to 6 100 mm. The unit is equipped with CNC system, which provides control and monitoring up to 60 functions.

Plates-bending machine АРНS 6100х600 ТN «Baykal» (Turkey) for plates forming. Length of bending for the whole tool length is up to 6 100mm at thickness 10mm. The maximum bending force is up to 600 tons. The unit equipped with CNC system, which provides maximum precision of bending angles and repeatability of manufactured details.

Technology of plate butting of “Nuova CMM” (Italy), in which the following process are carried out in the automatic mode: gas and oxygen cutting of ends of plates with the possibility of cutting bevels for welding and subsequent automatic submerged arc welding of plates with width from 500 to 2000 mm and length from 2000 + 2000 mm to 8000 + 8000 mm.

CNC system BPL-H2516 «Baykal» (Turkish) for plasma and oxygen cutting of plates with thickness from 0.5 to 80mm, width up to 2 500mm and length up to 16 600mm. Six co-oxy-fuel cutting cutters and one plasma torch allow to cut out steel plate simultaneously receiving up to seven longitudinal workpieces for further assembly of welded profiles (beams, columns, etc.).

Technology for manufacturing of welded beams and profiles of company “Nuova CMM” (Italy):   simultaneous double-sided automatic submerged arc welding of profile elements using technology «Twins» (simultaneous feed of two wires in each weld pool) and the subsequent operation of shrinkage distortion.

Welding processes are provided with the modern equipment produced by «ESAB» (Sweden) and Lincoln (USA). Workshop is equipped with 32 welding stations with the placement on rotary consoles of blocks of feed wire and protective gases in the welding zone.

All workshop bays equipped with specialized overhead cranes as well as portal cranes and tools by company "OMIS", Italy.

5, Al-Faraby ave., Almaty,
BC Nurly-Tau, block 1A/202