Tengizchevroil , OBH TP-4. 380V MCC REPLACEMENT Project.
Engineering, Procurement, fabrication and supply to Tengiz.

Tengizchevroil , Outdoor 35kV SWG Upgrade Project, (supply of 35kV reclosers,
disconnectors, CTs, VTs, portal under equipment, busbars), Engineering, Procurement, fabrication and supply to Tengiz.


Kazminerals, Aktogay Copper Project, 25 000 ton/year Cu SX/EW Plant and Plant Infrostructure,
Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

1.Projects 1_1.Projects 1_2.Projects 1_3.Projects

TCO (Tengizchevroil) – OBH TP-4. 380V MCC REPLACEMENT Project.
Engineering, Procurement, fabrication and supply to Tengiz.


KazGold, Zholymbet Gold Project, 2 mln ton/year CIP Gold Plant, Detailed Design.

3.Projects 3_1.Projects 3_2.Projects 3_3.Projects

Kaz Minerals PLC, Aktogay Copper Project, 1 500 man permanent

camp and camp infrastructure, engineering and construction.


Adaptation of Engineering Documentations for non standard structural steel modules, recommendations
and structural calculations.


Ayakodzhan Copper Project, 3 000 ton/year Cu SX/EW Plant, detailed design.

6_1.Projects 6.Projects 6_3.Projects 6_2.Projects

36 km DN800 & DN450, 2000 & 450 m3/hour Zhuzagash Water Pipeline, including main and booster
pump stations, 10 000 m3 and 1 200 m3 water tanks and power infrastructure. Engineering and construction.

7.Projects 7_1.Projects

New FerroAlloy Plant, Sulfuric Acid Storage and Reagent Dosing Facility,
Engineering, Procurement and Construction.


1400 ha Land Irrigation Project, Engineering and Construction.



10.Projects 10_3.Projects 10_2.Projects 10_1.Projects

Tengizchevroil, Drill Cuttings Pad Project, (Complete Package Substation 1000kVA, 10/0,4kV),
Engineering and Project Support.

Tengizchevroil, Water Injection System Upgrade Project, (3 set of compact Complete
Package Substations 400kVA, 10/0,4kV), Engineering and Project Support.


Engineering Support of Logicams (Australia) in preperation of feasibility Study for Lomonosovskoye Iron Ore Project.


Appak Uranium Mine reconstruction and scale up project, detailed design.


Semizbay Uranium Mine, 1st and 2nd stage Plant Reconstruction and Scale up Project, engineering and construction.

15.Projects 15_1.Projects 15_2.Projects 15_3.Projects

Uranium Process Plant Reconstruction Project, PPr and SS Plant piping, Ventilation Piping installation.

16.Projects 16_1.Projects

Tortkuduk South Uranium Plant Expansion Project, HDPE DN 800 & 710 piping, DN1000 FRP piping, plant mechanical installations.

17.Projects 17_1.Projects 17_2.Projects 17_3.Projects

KazCopper LLP. Benkala Copper SX/EW Project.
1. 10/0,4 Power Substations(EPC)
2. Installation, Commissioning of Transformer Rectifier Unit 5,8 MVA, 36 000 A, 10/0, 126 kV
3. Installation of EW Busbar for DC Currant
4. EPC of the Plant Lighting,
5. Power supply of SX/EW Plant, Pump station, Sulfuric Acid storages and Crushing and Agglomeration plant

18.Projects 18_1.Projects

KazCopper LLP. Benkala Copper SX/EW Project.
1. Two 250x250 m HDPE 1mm lining system Heap Leach Pads Construction;
2. Installation of Irrigation System;
3. Construction of Three 40x25 m, One 50x50 m, One 100x50m HDPE 1,5mm Ponds;
4. Erection of Sulfuric Storage Facility at railway spur with loading and unloading system (2000 ton);
5. Acid Storage Facility at Plant (2000 ton);
6. Pump Station Piping and mechanical installations;
7. SX/EW Plant Piping and Mechanical Installations.

19_1.Projects 19_2.Projects 19_3.Projects 19_4.Projects

Installation of the Gas piston power generators and Diesel generators for Compressor Station 2 and 7. EPC of the cooling and exhaust system.


220/35/6 kV 50MVA substations, EPCM, SCADA implementation, ASKUE on Schneider Electric and Siemens equipment.


Instalation of pipe heat tracing Sulfuric acid and Flare area.

22.Projects 22_1.Projects

Project Supervision, Engineering and Quality Control.
10kV OHTL, 10/0,4 kV substations, EPCC.
35 kV switchgear (Schneider), 35 kV OHTL, EPCM.
Pit Power Distribution and Supply Project, 6kV Cable lines, 6kV switchgear (Schneider), EPCM.

23.Projects 23_1.Projects

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BC Nurly-Tau, block 1A/202