Компания PSI специализируется на предоставлении услуг в области проектирования и строительства, сохраняя при этом самые высокие этические стандарты, включая стандарты по технике безопасности, охране окружающей среды и профессиональные стандарты качества.

Для достижения этих целей и удовлетворения ожиданий Клиентов PSI обязуется придерживаться и поддерживать работу интегрированной системы менеджмента, основанную на серии стандартов ИСО 9001.​

Our objectives are to:

• provide exceptional service and reliability,
• provide quality workmanship by committed and trained personnel,
• provide value for money using only suitable quality materials,
• satisfy our clients’ requirements, industry regulators and staff, and;
• provide these services in a professional and ethically responsible manner.

The successful operation of the quality management system relies upon the co-operation and involvement of personnel at all levels. Each step of our projects are extensively documented on site. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of PSI and the satisfaction of clients, regulators and staff. We aim for zero snags and we invest in the training, technology and suppliers to allow us to do this.

We are committed to the Quality Management System and to its continual improvement,

and thus insist that all staff and sub-contractors comply with it. To ensure that we deliver building and civil engineering services that meet the Client's requirements and conform to the relevant regulations, codes and specifications, Management is totally committed to providing product and services of the highest quality standards.

Our quality management system is certified to ST RK ISO 9001:2009 standards by the "KQC" LLC

Company is preparing a plan for certification by one of international quality audit agencies (Bureau Veritas, SGS, TUV or Germanischer Lloyd ). External verification of our system ensures a process of regular evaluation and improvement. This benefits both the Client and ourselves, and enhances our good reputation within the construction industry.

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