Department of Transport Planning and Modeling

Activities of department of transport planning and modeling, as follows:

  • Development of transport macro and micro models
  • Forecast of transportation flows
  • Projects of traffic organization
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Optimization of traffic light objects
  • Optimization of public transport
  • Projects of bicycle paths
  • Economic researches

Transport and economic researches

Economic researches in the field of transport construction and designing including forecasting of transport and passenger flows intensity, feasibility study of investments in the construction area of roads and transport infrastructure objects, collection of transport and social-economic indexes in the researched territory and also visualization of transport projects.

Transport planning

Comprehensive transport planning for cities and regions, transport systems development, designing of street road network programs development, of complex transport schemes (CTS) development, development of complex schemes of traffic organization (CSTO) and programs of traffic light objects coordinating for "green waves" creation, planning of transport support of mass actions.

Transport modeling

Modeling of transport, passenger and pedestrian flows, creation of three-dimensional simulation transport models of roads (imitating modeling), junctions and other transport constructions, optimization of route networks and public transport schedule, creation of forecast transport models of individual, passenger and freight transport, modeling of mass actions and development of evacuation schemes in case of emergency.

Intelligent transportation systems

Creation of information systems for short-term forecasting of transport situation and options of its development in real time, integration of dynamic transport model in the structure of intelligent transportation system. Development of program services for end users and solutions for integration of various subsystems.

At the present time our team is working on development of traffic organization complex scheme of Almaty city.