Environmental Engineering

Development of all types of planning, pre-planning and project documentation, other materials and documents or their separate sections and parts related to environmental protection and nature management, subject to mandatory state environmental expertise in accordance with the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Specialization in objects of category I and II.

  • Project "Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment" (Pre-EPA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Project)
  • Section "Environmental Protection" (ROOS)
  • The project " Justification of the sanitary protection zone (SPZ)" including the assessment of the risk to public health
  • Project "Arrangement and greening of the sanitary protection zone"
  • Environmental impact statement

Environmental Regulation

Development of all types of environmental standards and environmental requirements for economic and other activities in accordance with the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Draft standards for maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (MPI)
  • Production and Consumption Waste Disposal project. Standards for the formation and limits for the disposal of production and consumption waste
  • Waste Management Program (EMP)
  • Registration of a hazardous waste passport. Development of passports of hazardous waste.
  • Draft standards for maximum permissible physical impacts
  • Draft Maximum Permissible discharge Standards (MPD)
  • List of environmental protection measures (EPM)
  • Calculation of fees for emissions and recommendations for their reduction
  • Preparation of materials for obtaining a permit for nature use

Environmental Monitoring

Conducting a Environmental Monitoring Programs for Production Facilities in accordance with the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for making decisions on the environmental policy of the nature user, environmental quality targets and tools for regulating production processes that potentially have an impact on the environment

  • Development of a Production Environmental Control Program (PEC)
  • Organization and implementation (PEC) including environmental impact monitoring and emissions monitoring (emissions, discharges of pollutants, disposal of production and consumption waste in the environment, disposal and storage of sulfur in the environment in open form)

PSI uses modern computers and peripherals, licensed software products "Era", "Ecologist", "Mapinfo", "CorelDRAW", MS Office tools, etc. to perform the necessary calculations, modeling, development and design of projects.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

PSI GROUP supports the trend of green ecology and conscious consumption, so in 2020, eco-boxes for recycled materials were installed in our offices, thanks to which we managed to minimize the negative impact on the environment directly from the office. We inculcate a culture of careful use of paper and waste sorting within the company.

Tens of kilograms of collected waste paper are handed over for recycling, thus we save trees that produce oxygen and save electricity for the production of paper products.