Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Fabrication and Commissioning is PSI’s core business. With our engineering, procurement and construction experience, we are built for any size EPC project - we have the resources and the EPC expertise. At PSI, we still believe that a friendly and personable staff, a team of expert engineers, and a dedication to customer needs are more important than just getting bigger.

In fact, we believe having strong, long-term partnerships with our clients has helped us build a reputation for being able to handle complicated EPC projects.

We give our best throughout each process phase, from modelling and value engineering to project integration. The projects are developed in accordance with the quality standards, safety and sustainability, which are our top priority, and environmental impacts are minimized. PSI is fully focused on innovative and technological development in order to always ensure we offer the best service available to our clients.

The advanced EPCM approach

An extended EPCM approach has proven to be particularly beneficial with regard to the project costs. With our functional turnkey approach, we integrate all the on-site services for the necessary infrastructure into the overall project. We take on not only the planning and delivery of the technological equipment, but also the planning services for the infrastructure, media supply, construction planning, the subsidiary systems, mechanical systems as well as pipes and monitor client’s local contractors.