One of the reasons clients choose PSI Group is our capacity to provide all necessary services in-house, eliminating the need for multiple contractors. PSI Group provides professional and technical turnkey solutions to deliver safe, well executed, capital efficient engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects to clients.

Turnkey solution entails all the necessary steps from the idea via planning and selection of the location down to the financing negotiations, implementation and construction, with the result that the projects can be finally handed over ready for operation.

Planning and implementation can be done via fixed budgets, cost-plus-fee contracts or also with a value engineering approach. PSI Group provides a turnkey offers with necessary flexibility in order to be able to implement the projects according to client’s ideas and requirements.

The advanced EPCM approach

An extended EPCM approach has proven to be particularly beneficial with regard to the project costs. With our functional turnkey approach, we integrate all the on-site services for the necessary infrastructure into the overall project. We take on not only the planning and delivery of the technological equipment, but also the planning services for the infrastructure, media supply, construction planning, the subsidiary systems, mechanical systems as well as pipes and monitor client’s local contractors.